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rotating and rocking equipment

  1. rotating and rocking equipment

  2. Location*

  3. Describe location of playground at the facility.

  4. Describe location of broken piece in detail.

  5. Are all footings stable and burried below ground level?*

  6. Is there any visible roting or corrosion?*

  7. On the merry go rounds, is the rotating platform continuous and approximatley circular?*

  8. Does the difference between the minimum and maximum radii of the non circular platform exceed 2.0 inches?*

  9. Do any components extend out past the perimeter of the platform?*

  10. Are all handgrips provided with a diameter between .95 and 1.55 inches?*

  11. Are there any accessable shearing or crushing mechanisms in the undercarriage?*

  12. Is the surface of the platform continuous with no openings between the axis and the outside edge that can allow a 5/16 inch diameter rod to pass through?*

  13. Is the speed of turning limited to 13 feet per second?*

  14. Do the have any up and down motion?*

  15. Is the maximun height of the platform 14 inches above the protective surface? Platforms less than 20 inches in diameter are exempt.*

  16. Are all handgrips tub or dishlike?*

  17. Do all log rolls have handgripping components?*

  18. Are any log rolls in an area designated for ages 2-5? It is not reccomended.*

  19. Are all handgrips between .95 inches and 1.55 inches?*

  20. Is the highest point of the roller log no more than 18 inches above the surface?*

  21. Are there any seesaws in a play area recommended for ages 2-5? It is not reccomended.*

  22. Is there something embedded in the ground underneath the seesaw to absorb the shock?*

  23. Are there handholds provided at each seat?*

  24. Is there a minimum of 6 inches on the hand grips?*

  25. Do the handgrips extend past the perimeter?*

  26. Are the handgrips a diameter of between .95 inches and 1.55 inches?*

  27. Are footrest provided on the seesaws? It is not recommended.*

  28. Are the seat heights above 5 feet off the ground?*

  29. Does the fulcrum present a pinch or chrush hazzard?*

  30. Is the seat designed to hold more than the intended amount of users?*

  31. Is each seating position equipped with hand and foot grips?*

  32. Is the diameter of the hand grips between .95 and 1.55 inches?*

  33. Are the springs or coils in a palce where they can pinch children?*

  34. Are all the single handgrips at least 3 inches long?*

  35. Are all footrests a minimum of 3.5 inches long, and between 14 and 28 inches above the surface?*

  36. Are there any trampolines in the park? They are not recommended.*

  37. Are there any shard points, corners or edges? Is the wood smooth with no splinters?*

  38. Are there any protrusions, and have they been tested?*

  39. Are all entrapment angles greater than 55 degrees unless lower leg is horizontal or projects downwards?*

  40. Are all interior openings less than 3 1/2 inches or greater than 9 inches, and have they all been tested?*

  41. Are all fasteners tiight enough to not be removed without use of a tool?*

  42. Is there adequate drainage priovided?*

  43. Does the depth of the surface material agree with the critical height of the equipment?*

  44. On the merry go rounds, seesaws, and spring rocking equipment, does the use zone extend 6 feet beyond perimeter of the platform?*

  45. When standing are all use zones 7 feet from the rest perimeter?*

  46. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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