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  1. Swings

  2. Location*

  3. Describe location of playground at the facility.

  4. Describe location of broken piece in detail.

  5. Are all swings located away from other equipment and activities?*

  6. Are all footings stable and buried below ground level or covered by protective surfaces?*

  7. Is there any visible corrosion or rotting on chain on s-hooks?*

  8. Do the sigle axis swings have no more than two swings per bay?*

  9. Are there any single axis swings attatched to a composite structure?*

  10. Do any A frame support structures have horizontal cross bars?*

  11. Are all tot swings suspended from structures seperate from other swings or suspended in a different bay?*

  12. Are all seat designed for one user at a time?*

  13. Are wood or metal seats used?*

  14. Do the tot swings have suppport on all sides?*

  15. Do any tot swings present a strangulation hazzard?*

  16. Are all wing hangers spaced wider than seats, no less than 20 inches?*

  17. Is there a 24 inch minimum clearance between swings?*

  18. Is the a 30 inch minimum clearance between seat and structure, and 5 feet above protective surface?*

  19. Are all s hooks closed compleatley? *

  20. Is the vertical distance at least 12 inches between the underside of occupied seat and protective surface?*

  21. Are any tire swings suspended from a structure having other swings in the same bay?*

  22. Have all steele-radials been closley examined to ensure there are no exposed steel belts?*

  23. Have drain holes been provided on the tire swings?*

  24. Have any heavy truck tires been used?*

  25. Have all hanger mechanisums been inspected for wear and tear?*

  26. Are there any accessable pinch points?*

  27. Are all s hooks closed completley at .04 inches?*

  28. Are there any tire swings attatched to a composite stucture?*

  29. Do users weigh over 35 pounds?*

  30. Are all pivot points no greater than 8 feet above surfacing?*

  31. Is the minimum clearance between the seating surface of the tire and the uprights of supporting structure 30 inches when a tire is in position closet to support sturcture?*

  32. Are there any non recommended swings on the play ground? Including; multiple occupancy swing (not tire swing), animal figure swing, free swinging rope swing, swinging excersise rings, & trapeze.*

  33. Are there any sharp points, corners, or edges? Is all wood smooth with no splinters?*

  34. Are there any protrusions, have they all been tested?*

  35. Are all angles greater than 55 degrees unless the lower leg is horizontal or projects downwards?*

  36. Are all interior surfaces less than 3 1/2 or greater than 9 inches?*

  37. Have all openings been tested?*

  38. Are all fasteners tight, not movable without a tool?*

  39. Do all hangers have bearings, bushings, or another means of recucing friction and wear?*

  40. Is there adequate drainage provided?*

  41. Does the depth of all the surfacing material agreee with critical height of equipment?*

  42. Is the use zone six feet fromt he perimeter of all equpment?*

  43. Are all single axis swing a minimum distance of two times the height of the pivot point?*

  44. Are all multi axis tire swings a minimum of 6 feet = length of suporting member?*

  45. Is the tot swing a minimum distance of 2 times the height of the pivot point to the bottom of the occupied seat?*

  46. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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