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  1. Slides

  2. Location*

  3. Describe location of playground at the facility.

  4. Describe location of broken piece in detail.

  5. Do all metal slides face north or are located in a shaded area?*

  6. Are they located in an uncongested area?*

  7. Are all footings stable and burried below groound level of covered by protective surfacing?*

  8. Is there any visible corrosion or rotting?*

  9. Are all rung ladder slopes 75-90 degrees?*

  10. Are all step ladders sloped btween 50 - 75 degrees?*

  11. Are all stairways sloped for ASTMI at less than 50 degrees or for CPSC at no less than 35 degrees?*

  12. Are all ladder rung diameters .95 - 1.55 inches?*

  13. Are all handrail diameters .95 - 1.55 inches?*

  14. Are all continuous handrails between 22 inches and 38 inches?*

  15. Are all slide platforms a minimum length of 22 inches?*

  16. Is the width equal or greater to the width of the slide? *

  17. Are there gaurd rails or protective barries to surround the platforms?*

  18. Are there any spaces or gaps between platform and start of sliding surface?*

  19. Are handholds provided at the slide entrance?*

  20. Is there a means provided to channel the user into sitting position? ie. hanrails, or hood that does not encourage climbing.*

  21. Is there an average incline of 50 degrees?*

  22. Do all flat open chutes have a minimun side height of 4 inches extending the full length of the slide?*

  23. Are there gaps between the slide and the sliding surface?*

  24. Are the cross sections of 1/2 the tube slide height no less than half the width of the slide?*

  25. Is there a clear area two inches wide for the entrance of the slide on either side of the slide?*

  26. Do all slides have an exit region?*

  27. Are all exit regions a minumum of 11 inches exit region?*

  28. Do all slides that are over 4 feet high have an exit region between 7 and 15 inches?*

  29. Are all slides exit regions rounded or curved?*

  30. Are the radius' of the exit region 30 inches or greater?*

  31. Do all enbankment slides follow the same rules as the regular slides?*

  32. Is there a means provided to prevent skateboarding or bicycling?*

  33. Do all spiral slides meet the same requirements as the regular slides?*

  34. Are all short spiral slides only designated for ages 2 - 5?*

  35. Is there a clear area of 21 inches wide for the entire length of the slide, fromt he inside face of the sidewall to the outer edge of the slide?*

  36. Do all tube slides meet the same requirement as regular slides as stated above?*

  37. Is the minimum diameter no less than 23 inches?*

  38. Is the top surface of the tube treated to prevent sliding on the top of the tube?*

  39. Do all roller slides meet general slide requirements?*

  40. Are there any pinch, crush, shear, entrapment, entanglement or catch points? *

  41. Are there any missing rollers or bearnings?*

  42. Are there gaurdrails on elevated surfaces more than 20 inches high?*

  43. Is the top surface of all gaurdrails 29 inches high and the bottom surface no more than 26 inches above the platform?*

  44. Do all elevated surfaces more than 30 inches high have a gaurdrail?*

  45. Are the top surfaces of the gaurdrails 38 inches high and a bottom surface of no more than 26 inches above platform?*

  46. Do all elevated surfaces more than 30 inches high have a protective barrier?*

  47. Are all the surfaces of the protective barriers (2-5) 29 inches high and non climbable?*

  48. Do all elevated surfaces more than 48 inches high have a protective barrier?*

  49. Are the surfaces of the barriers (ages 5-12) 38 inches high and non climbalbe?*

  50. Are there any sharp points, corners or edges?*

  51. Is all wood smooth with no splinters?*

  52. Are there any protrusions, have they been tested?*

  53. Are all angles greater than 55 degrees, unless the lower leg is horizontal or projects downwards?*

  54. Are interior opposing surfaces less than 3 1/2 inches or greater than 9 inches with a depth of four inches?*

  55. Have all openings been tested?*

  56. Are all fasteners tight enough to not be able to be removed without the use of tools?*

  57. Is there adequate drainage provided?*

  58. Does the depth of the surfacing material agreee with critical height requirements?*

  59. Is the use zone 6 feet in all directions from the perimeter of the eqipment?*

  60. Is the use zone at the end of the slides between 6 and 8 feet from the slide?*

  61. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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