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Park Inspection Form


  2. Location*

  3. Signage- Are the park signs acceptable at the entrances and on shelters?*

  4. Parking Area(s)- Are the parking areas clean and operational?*

  5. Landscaping- Is the overall landscaping (grass and flower beds) acceptable and free from any hazardous limbs, trees or stumps?*

  6. Sidewalks / Trails- Are the sidewalks and trails in good condition and free of any trip hazards?*

  7. Benches - Are the benches in good condition and free from any graffiti?*

  8. Picnic Tables - Are the picnic tables in good condition and free from any graffiti?*

  9. Shelters - Are the shelters (pavilion & restrooms) in good condition and free from any graffiti?*

  10. Flag - Is the American Flag in good condition, properly lit and displayed?*

  11. Plumbing - Are all toilets, sinks & water fountains operational? *

  12. Trash Receptacles - Are the trash receptacles in good condition and not overflowing?*

  13. Lighting - Are all lights working on trail, pavilion and restrooms?*

  14. General Cleanliness - Is the general cleanliness of the park acceptable?*

  15. Access to Play Areas - Are the pathways to the play areas clear and free from obstruction and trip hazards?*

  16. Play Structures - Are the play structures in good working order?*

  17. Play Area Boarders - Are the play area boarders in place with stakes firmly in place?*

  18. Safety Surfacing - Is safety surfacing (wood fiber, rubber tiles & rubber mats) in good condition with no apparent wear areas?*

  19. If there are any other issues, please identify here.

  20. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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