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Climbing and upper body equipment


  2. Location*

  3. Describe location of playground at the facility.

  4. Describe location of broken piece in detail.

  5. Are all footings stable and buried below ground level or covered by protective surfacing?*

  6. Is there any visible corrosion or rotting?*

  7. Do any climbers have climbing bars or structural compontents in the interior of the stucture onto which a chilld may fall more than 18 inches? Note: Climbing devices intended for 2-5 year olds offer an easy way out.*

  8. Are there any flexible access devices that are used as sole access to other components?*

  9. Are all ropes, cables, and chain within the climbing grids securely fixed?*

  10. Does the spacing between the horizontal and vertical climbing grid satify all entrapment criteria?*

  11. Are all flexible climbing devices achored at both ends?*

  12. Is the bottom anchoring device below the level of the playing surface?*

  13. Are preschool users able to bring both feet to the same level before ascending to the next level?*

  14. Are there freestanding arch climbers in any area recommended for ages 2-5 year olds?*

  15. Are all hand and foot rung diameters .95-1.55 inches?*

  16. Do all spacings of rungs on arch climbers foolow the recommendations for rung ladders?*

  17. Does all spacing between horizontal and vertical components satisfy all entrapment criteria?*

  18. Are there any arch climbers that are the sole access to any equipment?*

  19. Do all arch ladders have hand supports?*

  20. Are all horizontal ladders and overhead rings only used in area the are recommended for ages 4-12 (CPSC) or 2-12 years (ASTMI)?*

  21. I the space between adjacent rings or overhead ladders greater than 9 inches?*

  22. Does center to center spacing on the rungs exceed 15 inches? (this does not apply to the spacing of overhead rings)*

  23. Is the first hanhold placed directly above the platform or climbing rungs?*

  24. Are all hand gripping components a minumun of 64 inches?*

  25. Are all elevated landings a minumum of 36 inches long and 32 inches wide?*

  26. Are all center to center distances between adjacent tracks 48 inches or more?*

  27. Are there any sharp points, corners or edges? *

  28. Is all wood smooth with no splinters?*

  29. Are there any protrusions? (test all projections.)*

  30. Are all angles greater than 55 degrees, unless the lower leg is horizontal or projects downwards?*

  31. Are all interior surfaces less tahn 3 1/2 inches or greater than 9 inches at a depth of 4 inches or greater?*

  32. Have all openings been tested?*

  33. Are all fasteners tight?*

  34. Are all fasteners tight enough you have to use tools to remove or loosen them?*

  35. Is there adequate drainage provided?*

  36. Do each of the depth of surfacing material agree with critical height of equiptment?*

  37. Does the use zone comply with the measurement of six feet from the side perimeters of the equiptment?*

  38. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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