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Capital Projects
Community Development Project
The City is transforming blight into community assets with the purchase of the former South School property on Bill Knight.  The aim of this development is to create one, central recreation center for players and their families alike.  The existing gymnasium has been renovated and the former vacant and dilapidated school building demolished to make way for the development of the 17 acres.  This multi-phase project will add three 200 ft. ball fields, and parking.  The property is bordered by the City's Biloxi Fields, MCHS's Miles Fields and across Big Creek from Shelby County's Resiliency Grant Park that will add an estimated 1400 acres of green space and recreation in Millington. 

Millington South Ballpark Site Plan

Shelby County's Resiliency Grant
This is a $40 million grant funded flood mitigation project between Big Creek and SR 385 from Hwy. 51 to Sledge Road.  The densely wooded area will be cleared and the level of the ground lowered 2 to 4 ft. to keep floodwaters from Big Creek in this spillway and out of homes and businesses.  The backbone of the grant application was the Greenprint plan therefore $7.5 million is allocated for trails and other recreation. 

Resilient Shelby' Preliminary Site Plan

Millington, TN
USA Stadium