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    We are requesting that all vendors please bring candy for our booth or treating for the kids.  This is not mandatory just a request.  Please check a box below as this will help us plan accordingly. 

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    Please choose the vendor space you are wanting to request. 

  4. Food Vendor Terms and Conditions *

    All Food Vendors must have all paperwork and meet all requirements from the Shelby County Health Department.  

  5. Terms and conditions*

    I understand that I am renting a booth space at this event. I, as the vendor assume all responsibility for sales tax for this booth. I will be set up by 9:00 AM and will not unload before 2:00 PM at the earliest. The City of Millington reserves the right to refuse any booth rental.  The City of Millington is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.  The vendor will provide their own tables, chairs, etc. All applications with payments are due by 10.24.22.  You will not be locked into a space until payment is received. PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE BY CALLING 901.873.5770.

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