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USA Stadium Facility Inspection Form


  2. Security - Were all doors and windows secured?*

  3. Security - Are all gates secured?*

  4. Fire Extinguishers - Are all fire extinguishers in place and fully charged?*

  5. Emergency Lighting - Are all emergency lights working and EXIT lights illuminated?*

  6. Interior Lighting - Are all interior lights working?*

  7. HVAC - Is the inside temperature comfortable? Thermostats should be set at 74 in summer and 70 in winter.*

  8. Plumbing - Are all toilets, sinks & water fountains operational? *

  9. Interior Cleanliness - Is the general cleanliness of the facility acceptable?*

  10. Locker Rooms - Have the locker rooms been properly cleaned? swept, mopped, etc.*

  11. Consession - Has the consession stand been properly cleaned, and well maintained?*

  12. Gift Shop - Has the gift shop been thoroughly checked?*

  13. Bathrooms - Have all bathrooms been properly cleaned and well maintained?*

  14. Exterior Lighting - Are all exterior lights working?*

  15. Exterior Cleanliness - Is the general cleanliness of the exterior areas acceptable?*

  16. Flag - Is the American Flag in good condition and properly lit and displayed?*

  17. Entrances - Have all entrances been cleared of debris, and well maintained?*

  18. If there are any other issues, please identify here.

  19. If a follow up inspection is required, please list date, time and inspector's name here.

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