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Coaches Registration Form for Baseball, Softball and T-Ball

  1. Introduction

    Please note: All head coaches and assistant coaches are subject to a background check by the City of Millington and Millington Parks and Recreation Department. We will need your date of birth and social security number. A picture ID is required of all coaches and assistant coaches.

  2. Placement

    According to Article 3 of the Millington Parks and Recreation youth baseball/softball/t-ball bylaws, only the children of the head coach and first assistant coach are guaranteed to be placed on any one team. There will be no moving of a player from one team to another in the same league because the parent is a second or third assistant coach on a team.

  3. Please list any phone numbers that you can be reached at
  4. Experience cont...*
    Have you ever been a head coach in any sport before?
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  6. Where have you coached before?
  7. Why do you want to coach & why should you be considered for a position?
  8. Does your schedule allow you to practice at least twice a week? If no, why not?
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