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Coaches Registration Form for Baseball, Softball and T-Ball

  1. Introduction

    Please note: All head coaches and assistant coaches are subject to a background check by the City of Millington and Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks Department. We will need your date of birth and social security number. A picture ID is required of all coaches and assistant coaches.

  2. Placement

    According to Article 3 of the Millington Arts, Recreation and Parks youth baseball/softball/t-ball bylaws, only the children of the head coach and first assistant coach are guaranteed to be placed on any one team. There will be no moving of a player from one team to another in the same league because the parent is a second or third assistant coach on a team.

  3. Please list any phone numbers that you can be reached at

  4. If you are coaching two teams, write other league here instead of filling out two separate forms

  5. Experience cont...*

    Have you ever been a head coach in any sport before?

  6. Please list MM/DD/YY

  7. Where have you coached before?

  8. Why do you want to coach & why should you be considered for a position?

  9. Does your schedule allow you to practice at least twice a week? If no, why not?

  10. Please list names and contact info

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