City Manager


  • Coordination and direction of the activities of the operating departments
  • Preparation of official agenda for all meetings
  • Preparation and administration of annual operating and
    capital improvement budgets
  • Preparation of reports for the Mayor and Board
  • Purchasing
  • Investigation of citizens' complaints
  • Application for grants and administration thereof
  • Administration of personnel policies, including the selection and discipline of
    personnel; provided, however, the qualifications of all applicants
    for operating department heads shall be reviewed by the City
    Manager, and operating department heads shall be appointed only
    by a simple majority vote of the Board; termination of operating
    department heads may be done upon recommendation of the City
    Manager and approved by a simple majority of the Board or by five
    (5) Aldermen without recommendation of the City Manager.
  • Duties as may be described by ordinance
  • Maintain all necessary intergovernmental relationships and attend all meetings of the
  • Acts as City purchasing agent. The purchasing agent shall make all purchases and contracts for all departments and agencies of the City, subject to the provisions of this Charter and ordinances consistent with the Charter, except materials, supplies and equipment used only in the public schools, which may be purchased by the school superintendent.