Thank you for your interest in the City of Millington. We have provided several resources regarding our current job openings, our application process, and a general summary of employee benefits. Please see job opportunities for our job postings. We can only take your application for currently posted job openings. If you do not choose to apply for something you see today, we hope you will keep us in mind for the future.


Human Resources is an active player in the city's organization. We provide quality, caring service to our employees in a friendly and professional manner.


Human Resources provides a variety of services to the city's employees and retirees. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordination of employee recruitment, selection, and general orientation
  • Administration of classification, compensation matters, and employee benefits
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations related to employment
  • Development, interpretation, and enforcement of HR policies and procedures
  • Facilitation of employee evaluation, discipline, and recognition programs