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Baker Community Center


  1. Executive Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Meeting Rooms
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Playground
  7. Stage
  8. Tennis Courts
The Baker Community Center is located in the heart of Millington and operates as a meeting place for a variety of civic groups and organizations.  The center is home to a multitude of programs for citizens of all ages.  The Baker Community Center is situated alongside the beautiful Oak Park.  The Baker Community Center is available for meetings and special events. 

The facility boasts:
  • Main Auditorium complete with curtained stage (250 persons max. occupancy)
  • Oak Room 1 (80 persons max. occupancy)
  • Maple Room 2 (70 person max occupancy)
  • Dogwood Room 3 (25 persons max. occupancy)
  • Azalea Room 4 (10 persons max. occupancy)
  • Cyprus Room 5 (60 persons max. occupancy)
  • Sycamore Room 6 (60 persons max. occupancy)
  • Sycamore & Cyprus Rooms (120 persons max. occupancy)
  • Commercial Kitchen available for a flat fee with any Baker Community Center rental.

For more information about space and availability for your event at Baker Community Center, please see below. 


  1. Azalea Room (4)

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  2. Baker Auditorium

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  3. Cyprus Room (5)

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  4. Dogwood Room (3)

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  5. Kitchen

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  6. Maple Room (2)

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  7. Oak Room (1)

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  8. Sycamore / Cyprus Rooms

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  9. Sycamore Room (6)

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